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The Feminist's Prayer


The Feminist's Prayer

The place: planet Earth. The time: right now. Any activism that refuses to get spiritualized will be a one-way ticket to the land of eternal depression. Any spirituality that refuses to gererate direct action in the world will be but an illusion of the ego. There, I've said it. Now pray with me.

Beyoncé (& pussy riot) illustration by eplet. Click  here  to view and buy eplet's art.

Beyoncé (& pussy riot) illustration by eplet. Click here to view and buy eplet's art.

o eternal consciousness, 
o light beyond color
I stand before you: woman's body
woman's mind and woman's soul
ready to be fully seen

and though I alone
can never fully see you
reflect your brilliance off my eyes, 
so I can see your face
reflected back in each sister
and as sisters reflect
your truth off each other
let me not be content
until no lie makes a sound
until peace is found in pure truth

awaken in my heart
a memory of your womb
so in times of fractured twoness, 
I find the solace of oneness

teach me your song
as I dance transformation
stomping together by the billions
into the core of the earth
bodies illuminating all darkness
from the one awakened heart within

lend me your fierceness, your might
so I may fight for justice
with the precision of tigers
with the effortless willpower
of water flowing downhill

and when I have no fight in me
open my eyes so I am not blind
let me never forget
I was made strong to always love
even in times of war
especially in times of war

give me courage to speak up
when silence is the easy way out
and the strength of silent protest
when words are not safe

o knower of mysteries
o holder of keys
as I pray to find you within
hear my voice not as one but many
reunited to create one giant woman
an invincible warrior of love

in your name I pray from this moment
here and now
until within as without
truth has healed all wounds

so it is